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 Pinkie's Blog

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PostSubject: Pinkie's Blog   Pinkie's Blog EmptyMon May 17, 2010 1:01 am

Pinkie's Blog 2ldhusl

BABVUsername: Zoeblue203
Fave colors:All (:
Hobbies:Hmm, hard to say

It's 1:01 PM here. It's very tiring. Very Happy Have ya'll been doing?

Gahh!! Soo much HW >.< I'm so tired!

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Thanks Glo <3 for this wonderful siggy!

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Club Bear

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PostSubject: Re: Pinkie's Blog   Pinkie's Blog EmptyMon May 17, 2010 1:16 am

I like your blog so far, I hope you update it soon! For a first, I like your banner--no, I love it! Very Happy I would have to agree with the favorite colors, because you can't just like one. I know right, you probably do a lot of things as hobbies, so yeah, it's hard to say, just like mine I would list a ton of things. For me when I post this it's 2:15pm. I'm Eastern time, so that's why. I have been doing great, loving BearvilleNess. Very Happy Hope you're having a good day, Pinkie!<3
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Pinkie's Blog
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