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PostSubject: Read this FIRSTTTT   Read this FIRSTTTT EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 1:03 am

Here's a section where you can find all hearsays about Buildabearville and ONLY about Buildabearville. This is where you start topics about things you think are possible but aren't verified by the Furry Newsflash or the Monthly Caledndar!

But first, before sharing any unverified information, read our simple guidelines:

1 Keep in mind that the topics on Rumor Has It are just rumors and are not verified information, unlike topics posted under Bearville Updater

2. You are not allowed to spread rumors about players of BABV or members of BearvilleNess! If you do, you will be warned and given a sanction!

3. You are not allowed to post negative or hateful topics about BABV or BABW. If we catch you doing these things we will automatically have your account suspended without prior notice!

4. Always keep in mind that while this section exists for us to talk about possible BABV or BABW updates - may be really coming out or not - the rules and regulations of this forum still persist and that everyone is required to treat everybody with utmost respect. Any member caught doing the opposite will be suspended from Bearville Guide Forums.

All this aside, welcome and feel free to use the Rumor Has It section as you please!

Thank you!

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